Patient and Client Council announces Make Change Together

14th July 2019

This week sees the launch of the Patient and Client Council’s new support programme ‘Make Change Together’

Make Change Together is a recruitment, training and support programme, enabling citizens of Northern Ireland to take part in programs of work, which will shape the transformation of their Health and Social Care services.  With pressures on our Health service mounting it’s now more important than ever to become involved and make change together, so we are asking the citizens of Northern Ireland to join together to change the future of Health and Social Care Services.

This year our focus is to work on: Waiting times and Patient experience.

What’s involved?
Attendance at engagement and training sessions is required, as is participation in monthly group discussions. There will be training and support programme for each participant

Ways in which we can support you.
We can offer you out of pocket expenses such as travel and caring costs reimbursed, and support is provided before, during and after sessions

If you are interested in being trained to be involved in this work, please express you interest by sending your, name, contact details and HSC Trust area/locality to or visit