Annual Complaints Report

14th December 2018

Annual Complaints Report

The Patient and Client Council’s Complaints Support Service is a vital part of the organisation and one that keeps getting busier. In our blog this week, Complaints Services Manager Richard Dixon, talks about the findings of the PCC’s Annual Complaints Report which was launched today…

Since 2012 the Patient and Client Council has released an Annual Complaints Report which summarises the nature and themes of the complaints that we support people to make about Health and Social Care services.  Our latest report, which was officially launched this morning, gives you a flavour of the types of issues that have been shared with us over the last 12 months from over 1,800 people that have contacted us.

Complaints, by their very nature, cover a vast range of areas and issues, and individual cases can often relate to more than one part of our HSC services.  The top five areas of complaint this year relate to:

  1. Treatment and Care.
  2. Staff attitude.
  3. Communication.
  4. Professional assessment of need.
  5. Waiting times.

Complaints and concerns reported to the PCC have risen by more than a fifth since last year, with the top five most complained about specialties being: GP services, Mental Health, Family and Childcare services, Orthopaedics and Residential and Nursing Homes.

Official statistics released by the Department of Health show that there has been an overall decline in complaints about HSC services in recent years.  By contrast, the number of people seeking assistance from the Patient and Client Council has risen.  This indicates to me that our services are increasingly being sought after by individuals who recognise the beneficial advice, support and guidance that we can provide.

In fact, the clients that respond to our regular feedback surveys rate our services very highly, with over 90% rating their overall experience of our service as positive or very positive.  Additionally, 90% of respondents told us that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the assistance we provided them to achieve the final outcome of their complaint.

If you, or anyone you know, has an issue, concern or complaint about any Health and Social Care service, please get in touch with us.  We can offer you free, confidential advice and support.  Our helpline number is 0800 917 0222 or you can email us at

You can read a copy of the Annual Complaints Report here:

What do you think of the top areas of complaint?  Did they surprise you?  Were you aware you could seek advice and support from us if you need to make a complaint?  Share your views in the comments section below!