3rd November 2021

The Department of Health developed and finalised the report “COVID-19 Guidance: Bereavement Advice and Support” in 2021. One of the key recommendations from this report was:

That the HSC Bereavement Network membership is expanded to become the Northern Ireland Bereavement Network, with responsibility for developing and leading the strategic bereavement plan for the next 10 years. The Northern Ireland Bereavement Network should include all relevant cross-departmental and community organisations and agencies

We would like to hear from you about your experience of Grief & Bereavement in Northern Ireland, or if you have an interest in this area of work.

As a first stage in this work, the PCC are taking forward in partnership, work on the development of a Bereavement Charter for NI as part of the NI Bereavement Network.

A Bereavement Charter sets out pledges to bereaved individuals and loved ones about the standards of service and care they should expect to receive following the death of a loved one. Recently, Bereavement Charters have been introduced  in Scotland and Ireland. If you would like it know more about them, click on the following links:

A Bereavement Charter for Children and Adults in Scotland | Support Around Death

Our Charter – Irish Hospice Foundation

We are keen to involve a wide range of people in this work. If you have experience of grief and bereavement; are an academic or professional with a focus on Grief and Bereavement; or you have other interest in this area and want to hear more or participate through surveys/group discussions/one-to-ones please call 0800 917 0222

Please complete the following survey so we can understand what matters most to people – 

We understand that discussing your experience may be difficult, especially if you have been recently bereaved.  If you decide to take part we would be happy to facilitate your involvement in a way that best meets your needs. You may withdraw at any point should you wish to do so.