Citizen HSC Hub – July 2022

24th June 2022

What are Citizen HSC Hubs?

Our Citizen Health and Social Care (HSC) Hubs are a chance for us, the Patient and Client Council to connect with you, the general public on a range of topics relating to the health and social care system in Northern Ireland. Similar to the Coffee Connection events we have hosted in the past, we want our Hubs to become a place where we can provide you with an update on the projects we are currently working on, have a relevant topic for discussion and show you where to find the latest opportunities to get more involved with Health and Social Care.

This month’s theme is The Regional Review of Assistive Technology Services

As part of the Review, the Department of Health are keen to hear from service users with lived experience of accessing these services. Services include: Wheelchairs; Community Equipment e.g. profiling beds, hoists etc. ; Homelifts e.g. stairlifts, through floor lifts; Minor Adaptations e.g. grab rails, handrails; Environmental Control Systems.

The Review aims to determine the effectiveness of these services in meeting service user need in a timely and cost effective way. It is intended to produce a number of recommendations regarding the future delivery of services across Northern Ireland. The Department are keen to hear both positive and negative experiences in order to enhance the understanding of how services are delivered to those who need them.

We are pleased to add an additional Hub session on Thursday 14th July at 6pm. To register please visit: Meeting Registration – Zoom

Come along to one of our upcoming virtual Hubs to share your experience. 

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