Citizen HSC Hubs – May

13th April 2022

What are Citizen HSC Hubs?

Our Citizen Health and Social Care (HSC) Hubs are a chance for us, the Patient and Client Council to connect with you, the general public on a range of topics relating to the health and social care system in Northern Ireland. Similar to the Coffee Connection events we have hosted in the past, we want our Hubs to become a place where we can provide you with an update on the projects we are currently working on, have a relevant topic for discussion and show you where to find the latest opportunities to get more involved with Health and Social Care.

This month’s theme is Adult Social Care Reform Consultation

Adult social care describes the activities, services and relationships that help us to live an independent, healthy and inclusive life. It is available to any adult with eligible needs who requires assistance due to disability, vulnerability, illness, incapacity or old age, and is designed to promote independence, social inclusion, safeguarding and wellbeing’.

Adult Social Care is a vital part of our Health and Social Care System and impacts on the lives of people across society including people who use social care services, family carers and the people who work in social care.

The pandemic has shone a light on the invaluable role social care plays in people’s lives and the wellbeing of our society. It has also revealed the many challenges faced in provision and the need to reform our social care system.

Consultation on The Reform Of Adult Social Care

Reform of Adult Social Care – Executive Summary 


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