Covid-19 People’s Priorities Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic had major impacts on health and social care in Northern Ireland during 2020. The Patient and Client Council are keen to hear how the pandemic has affected your healthcare or social care, and how appropriate and effective you feel the Health and Social Care (HSC) response to COVID-19 has been. We’re engaging with the public through this survey in an effort to understand:

  • People’s experiences of using HSC services during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • The consequences of COVID-19 for people’s routine / scheduled healthcare and social care.
  • People’s levels of satisfaction with the restrictions imposed on ‘normal’ HSC services due to COVID-19; and
  • The extent to which people feel that they have been adequately informed on how to keep themselves (and the wider population) safe and healthy.

The survey aims to evaluate the HSC response to COVID-19 to date, from the perspective of service users. This will allow the PCC and other HSC organisations to:

· Learn what people think has worked well, or not so well; and to
· Use this learning to adapt better to COVID-19 in future, and particularly to inform decisions around ‘restarting’ HSC services during 2021.

The Covid-19 People’s Priorities survey has now closed. 

After the survey closes in early 2021, response data will be analysed and written up in a report. This report, including recommendations based on the findings, will be published online and shared directly with other HSC organisations (e.g. Department of Health, Health and Social Care Trusts). Findings will be reported in a way that will avoid identifying individuals or their responses.

Report coming soon.