Duty of Candour Public Consultation

8th June 2021
Duty of Candour and Being Open Framework Consultation – public engagement sessions


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The Department of Health is consulting on policy proposals to enact a statutory Duty of Candour in Northern Ireland, developed by the Duty of Candour Workstream and its Being Open Subgroup as part of the Hyponatraemia Implementation Programme. The policy proposals set out an approach to implement the recommendations relating to a statutory Duty of Candour made by the Inquiry Into Hyponatraemia-Related Deaths. Your views are welcome on the draft Strategy: click here to complete the public consultation survey

The consultation, which commenced on 12 April, was scheduled to close on 2 August 2021, but the deadline for submission of responses is being extended until 31 August.

In January 2018, Justice John O’Hara published his report on the Inquiry into Hyponatraemia-Related Deaths (IHRD).  His first recommendation was that a statutory Duty of Candour should be enacted in Northern Ireland and that it should apply to Healthcare Organisations and everyone working for them.  Justice O’Hara also recommended that criminal liability should attach to breach of this duty and to obstruction of another in the performance of this duty.  He made further recommendations about the guidance, support and protection that should be provided for staff in order to create a more open culture.

In addition to the online Citizen Space survey, the Patient and Client Council held a number of virtual engagement sessions in June to allow members of the public to share their thoughts and views in relation  to the proposed policy options for the statutory Duty of Candour and Being Open Framework.

Should you have any queries, please contact Anne-Marie Doone via email on anne-marie.doone@pcc-ni.net