Elective Care in Northern Ireland

10th July 2019

Last October, day case surgery hubs – elective care centres – were announced for cataract and varicose vein procedures. These prototype centres have been operational since December 2018 and form part of a long-term plan to reduce waiting lists.

Now the same approach is to be rolled out across a wide range of specialties, meaning the provision of thousands of day case routine operations will be transferred to dedicated sites. By December 2020, the Department aims to transfer more than 100,000 day cases, 25,000 endoscopies and 8,000 paediatric procedures to the new model.

The specialties involved are General Surgery and Endoscopy, Urology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, ENT, Paediatrics and Neurology.


It is envisaged there will be a public consultation before the end of 2019 where you will be invited to have your say on Elective Care Centres .
This consultation will have been informed by newly established groups, who will take plans forward in each specialty, including identifying preferred sites for the centres.


What are Elective Care Centres?

 Elective care centres are specialist standalone units dedicated purely to the delivery of planned assessment and treatment. They are designed to protect the delivery of planned care and provide a better experience for patients and for staff.
In practice, this means providing more treatment on a smaller number of specially designed standalone sites by moving this activity away from the busiest hospital sites.

Two prototype daycase elective care centres are already in place for all appropriate varicose veins and cataracts procedures.
The Varicose Veins prototype is located in Lagan Valley Hospital and Omagh Hospital.  The Cataracts prototype is located in Mid-Ulster Hospital, South Tyrone Hospital and Downe Hospital.

Should you have any questions on how Elective Care centres will affect you or for further information on elective care centres contact