12th October 2022

Health and Social Care (HSC) Northern Ireland is committed to improving the way we care for people in Northern Ireland. Modernising key health and social care IT systems will help provide an improved service.

How will we do that?

By consolidating hundreds of systems into one, creating a single health care record for every person in Northern Ireland.

We intend to provide tools for patients to be more informed, make services more accessible, give care professionals more time to focus on patient and client care, while also reducing administration and duplication. To help achieve the vision for a single digital care record, HSC is implementing encompass.

encompass aims to provide patients and service users with the safest, highest quality of care possible and will be in use across all Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland to create better experiences for patients, service users and staff. encompass will give patients and service users the ability to view and update their health information. It will also make it easier for Health and Social Care staff to view important information about their patients and service users. To learn more about this unique programme, visit the encompass website.

How can you get involved?

encompass, in partnership with the Patient and Client Council, are seeking members of the public with an interest in health care and digital technology to participate. We need you to share experiences and preferences to help ensure that new digital tools meet the needs of you, your family and all citizens across Northern Ireland.

Together, you can help transform health and care for all.


The Service User should,

  • Be able to contribute to group discussions from a service user and/or carer perspective, providing that lived experience insight.
  • Have experience of care in a particular setting and/or of a particular condition.
  • Participate in a group setting to input into discussions on the particular areas of work from a service user and/or carer perspective.
  • Be able to identify and engage with wider service user and carer representatives as and when required, which may include mentoring and or training.
  • Support or highlight the need for wider involvement of service users and/or carers in specific areas of the programme of work.
  • Be an effective communicator.
  • Have the time and ability to effectively participate in meetings and review papers, offering informed opinions.
  • Show respect and recognise different viewpoints, even if contrary to their own.
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with partners from all sectors to achieve agreed goals.
  • Be able to challenge in an assertive professional manner, being able to put their point across in a calm and collected way.

To support the role, encompass will:

  • Provide an induction on the encompass programme and where applicable and relevant provide information and briefing on any specific work areas that service users will be involved in.
  • Host meetings via video or teleconferencing facilities, ensuring that service users are trained and supported in using the appropriate hardware and software required.
  • Provide support before and after meetings to ensure that service users are prepared for and debriefed after interactions, picking up o areas for discussion, to better support service users going forward.
  • Establish mentorship and support relationships, with a designated individual within each programme of work, sub group or area of interaction. In addition, there will a designated individual allocated to be the main point of contact, who will support and act as liaison for all service users across all the programme.

Registration closed. 

Should you have any queries, please contact David Cassidy via david.cassidy@pcc-ni.net