Being Open

Working for openness in Health and Social Care

Small groups were set up across Northern Ireland to shape guidance for those who use Health and Social Care Services. The guidance will look at how openness and honesty can apply across all of Health and Social Care.

The aim is to make sure all patients, service users and their families and carers experience openness and honesty in all their dealings with Health and Social Care; this can range from experiences in day to day appointments (Level 1 Group) and; when something untoward has happened but harm hasn’t occurred (Level 2 Group).

The Patient and Client Council recruited 24 successful candidates to join the Level 1 and Level 2 group.

More information on the Duty of Candour and the work of the Being Open Subgroup can be found on the Department of Health’s website: IHRD – Workstream 1 – Duty of Candour – Being Open Subgroup | Department of Health (