Integrated Care Systems

A programme of work has commenced to develop a Future Planning Model to replace the existing commissioning arrangements and processes in Northern Ireland. This work will see the development of a new Integrated Care System (ICS) model in Northern Ireland, whereby local providers and communities would be empowered to come together to plan, manage and deliver care for their local population based on a population health approach, with regional and specialised services planned, managed and delivered at a regional level.

The Department of Health are consulting and seeking views on the Draft Framework as this document will provide a blueprint for the future of planning and managing health and social care services in Northern Ireland. The document provides an overview and guidance on the proposed model to allow the system to design and adopt the relevant approaches, policies and structures required to bring the model forward. Click here for more information. Consultation will close on 17th September. 

In addition to the online consultation, the Patient and Client Council facilitated three public engagement sessions in September. 

For more information, please contact Ann-Marie Donne on or  028 9536 8093.