Have you been a Peer Support Worker?

24th May 2021


Have you been a Peer Support Worker?
Do you know someone who has been a Peer Support Worker?

Or have you or someone you care for had a Peer Support Worker?
If so, register your interest now!


We are now seeking to engage with anyone who has been a Peer Support Worker or has had a Peer Support Worker. You are invited to share your views and provide insight into the service user and carer perspective, based on your experience.

What is a Peer Support Worker?
Peer support workers are people who have lived experience of mental health challenges themselves. They use these experiences and empathy to support other people and their families receiving mental health services. Peer support workers join other members of someone’s care team to help support their wellbeing and provide inspiration for their recovery.
Peer support is offering and receiving help, based on shared understanding, respect and mutual empowerment between people in similar situations.

Why do we want to hear your views?
The Mental Health Action Plan was written to ensure momentum continues while the draft 10 year Mental Health Strategy is finalised and published. One specific action is around creating a regional protocol for peer support workers, including better governance structures and definition of the role of PSW, as well as widely improving understanding of the role. We want to gather your ideas and evidence from experience to inform this as it happens. The outcomes will be shared with decision-makers and there will be further opportunity from these sessions, for direct engagement on this very important area.