Health and Social Care Hubs – April

29th March 2022

What are HSC Hubs?

Our Health and Social Care (HSC) Hubs are a chance for us, the Patient and Client Council to connect with you, the general public on a range of topics relating to the health and social care system in Northern Ireland. Similar to the Coffee Connection events we have hosted in the past, we want our Hubs to become a place where we can provide you with an update on the projects we are currently working on, have a relevant topic for discussion and show you where to find the latest opportunities to get more involved with Health and Social Care.

The purpose of the Snapshot survey is to support ongoing feedback in relation to visiting into and out of Care Homes from residents, families and staff.

The Department of Health commissioned the Public Health Agency to develop guidance to support a safe approach to increase visiting in care homes. “Visiting with Care – A Pathway” was published and came into effect on the 7th May 2021.

It is critical to review how the Pathway has been implemented across Care Homes in Northern Ireland and how residents, families and staff are experiencing the guidance.

To this end, it is proposed that the Snapshot survey would support key people to share their experience and reflect upon the impact of the guidelines.

The Patient and Client Council are inviting you to one of our upcoming virtual Hubs to hear more about the Snapshot Survey.

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