Investment On Waiting Lists Announced By The Department Of Health

23rd March 2018

Investment On Waiting Lists Announced By The Department Of Health

You might have heard in the media yesterday that the Department of Health has announced investment of £30 million on waiting lists. 

The Department of Health has said “The £30million investment will be targeted at inpatient and outpatient waiting times, with priority given to the most urgent cases and reducing the longest waits.”

Earlier this month we published “Our lived experience of waiting for healthcare – People in Northern Ireland share their story” which highlighted that deteriorating physical and mental health, worsening pain, loss of income and social isolation are just some of the issues that people are struggling to cope with as they wait for care.

Sustainable solutions that address this ongoing crisis are required, and clear and accurate information needs to be available immediately, so that people can make informed choices about their care.

The Department of Health has said “More details on the full £100million transformation fund allocations will be made public shortly, however the key aspects will be:

  • investment in the establishment of elective care centres – stand-alone day surgery units that will provide an important part of the long-term transformation solution to waiting times; supporting innovations in hospitals;
  • the development of enhanced primary care services in GP clinics;
  • initiatives in staff training, social care and countering diabetes.”