Maeve Hully Leaving The Patient And Client Council

15th August 2018

Maeve Hully Leaving The Patient And Client Council

Congratulations to our Chief Executive

After nine and a half years at the helm of the Patient and Client Council (PCC), Chief Executive Maeve Hully is to take up a new role as the UK Development Director of HelpForce. HelpForce is a community interest company using the power of volunteering to improve the health and wellbeing of people across the UK.

Commenting on the move, Maureen Edmondson, Chair of the Patient and Client Council said:

“Maeve’s departure will create a vacancy at the PCC that we are both sad and proud to announce.

It’s sad because Maeve has been a driving force behind the movement for user involvement within the health service in Northern Ireland. Maeve has pursued interests with significant skill and energy.  In 2009 as founding Chief Executive of the PCC she found it difficult to get a hearing for any user voice.  Now in 2018 she leaves the PCC having contributed to an established policy of co-production.  Maeve, through her independence of mind and action, has ensured that users are now heard in a way that brings change for the good of all.

We are also very proud because we release Maeve into a new opportunity in HelpForce. There she will use her extensive experience and skills in convening, listening and influencing, to support health and social care services.  Services she believes, best serve their users by working in partnership with them.  We wish her every success in this new role.  HelpForce has secured a valuable asset.”

Speaking about her new role, Maeve Hully said:

“I am leaving the Patient and Client Council with very mixed emotions. I am excited to go to a new organisation which puts improved patient experience at the centre of its work, but I am also sad to leave my dedicated colleagues who work so hard and are committed to the work of the PCC.  I would like to pay tribute to them and the Board of the PCC.  It is, however, the many people, patients, families and carers that I have met and worked with over the last nine and a half years that I want to thank specifically.  They have tirelessly and freely contributed their time and expertise to make our health and social care system better.  I am truly indebted to them.”

Maeve officially begins her new role on 22nd October 2018.  Her colleagues at the Patient and Client Council wish her well in this exciting new chapter of her career.