Public Inquiry into Muckamore Abbey Hospital

12th August 2022

Updates from the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry 

You can access the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry Website here:  Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry (

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August 2022 Chair’s Update on Progress and Hearings

April 2022 Chair Statement and Update Letter


PCC are assisting the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry Team in relation to the Public Inquiry. The PCC have been served with a Section 21 Notice under the Inquiries Act 2005 as part of our work with the Inquiry. This Section 21 notice orders the PCC to provide all relevant documentation to the Inquiry in unredacted format and the PCC are currently in the process of doing so to comply with the legal obligation Section 21 imposes on the PCC.


September 2021 

Minister Swann updated the Assembly on the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Public Inquiry. The Minister’s update included the establishment of Terms of Reference and the appointment of expert personnel to the Inquiry. It also confirmed that the setting up date for the Inquiry will be 11 October 2021.

Please click on the link to access the update: Update on Muckamore Abbey Hospital Public Inquiry | Department of Health (


June 2021

Minister Swann announced the chairman of the forthcoming Muckamore Abbey Inquiry, and published the Patient and Client Council ‘Report on the Engagement with current and former patients, families and carers regarding The Terms of Reference of the Public Inquiry into Muckamore Abbey Hospital’.

The PCC would like to thank all those who worked with us in the drafting of this report, and pay tribute to their courage and patience.

Please click on the link to access the report: Health Minister Swann Announces Chair of Muckamore Public Inquiry | Department of Health (


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