Patient and Client Council are delighted to announce the winner of their annual ‘Excellence in Co-Production’ Award.

1st November 2019
Northern Trust accept Excellence in Co Production award

Northern Trust ‘Committed to carer support’ wins regional award for co-production

The Patient and Client Council celebrated their 10 years since formation and the launch of their new campaign Make Change Together last week at Belfast City Hall.

They also announced the winner of their ‘Excellence in Co-Production Award’.

The Excellence in Co-Production award recognises and celebrates the best examples of Health and Social Care staff and the public working together to plan, design and deliver services.

Entries were received from all six Trusts across Northern Ireland. The standard was very high, resulting in a difficult shortlisting job for the panel of members from the Patient and Client Council’s membership scheme. . The three shortlisted entries provided a short presentation or video to be shown at two Membership events in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry, where members voted for the project that demonstrated effective co-production with positive outcomes.

The Patient and Client Council are delighted to announce that the winner was the Northern Trust with their project ‘Committed to Carer Support’.

Committed to Carer Support is a project focussed around coproducing a programme of support for carers that promotes personal development and wellbeing helping them to sustain the caring role.

The project involved carers in the development and delivery of support for carers. The co-produced support programme now includes over 100 options and opportunities ranging from yoga to first aid.

Carers WRAP is now offered – Wellness Recovery Action Plan supports carers to develop a personal plan to maintain their wellbeing and cope in a crisis. WRAP is co-delivered by a carer who has lived experience.

As a result of a Pharmacy project, 56 community pharmacies are now identifying hidden carers and connecting them with the support available.

A really exciting piece of work includes working in partnership with Barnardo’s and young carers to develop a resource that helps them in the caring role. The ‘ME FIRST’ guide – which is in their own words – is a workbook to prepare them for a carer assessment when they reach age 16.

The work done by the Northern Trust has shown a great example of the positive change that successful co-production can bring about.

Commending the winners, Vivian McConvey, Chief Executive of the Patient Client Council, said; ‘We are delighted to award the Excellence in Co-Production award to the Northern Trust. The work being done by the Committed to Carer Support project is clearly invaluable to carers of all ages across the Northern Trust area. It is clear the project kept co-production at its heart throughout and is a shining example as to what can be achieved through co-production and shared learning from lived experiences.’

The Patient and Client Council also recognises both runners up for the award Southern Trust ‘Daisy Hill Pathfinder Project’ and South Easter Trust ‘Carers Conversation’.. Thanks is extended to all the Trusts for their support and we look forward to learning more about the effective co-production practices taking place across the province next year.