Event: Embracing the Public as Assets in HSC: The Role of Advocacy & Engagement

21st February 2024
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In conversation with members of the public, representatives from the voluntary and community sector and those involved in policy and engagement work, we seek to explore the role advocacy and engagement can play in enabling people to be more active partners in their health and social care, and explore the potential to embrace the public as assets in this.

The vision of the Patient Client Council (PCC) is for a health and social care service actively shaped by the needs and experience of patients, clients, carers and communities.

There has been a growing recognition that the relationship between the public and the healthcare system needs to change. Reflections from key leaders on the recent 75th anniversary of the NHS highlighted the need to build a culture of ‘system leadership’ and recognised that people with a stronger sense of agency achieve better outcomes.

Building on the conversation PCC hosted at NICON23, and last year’s launch of PCC’s ‘positive passporting’ initiative, this event will explore the theme of embracing the public as assets in health and social care and the role advocacy and engagement play in this.

Key questions we want to explore include;

  • Can patients and the public be an asset in their own health and social care and become a more active partner in that relationship?
  • What role can engagement and advocacy play in this?
  • How we can mobilise this change?
  • What might a new ‘social contract’ with the public look like?

Join us to add your perspective to the conversation!


When? Wednesday 27 March 2024, 9:30am – 1pm

Where? The Factory Room at the MAC, Belfast, BT1 2NJ      Your Visit | The MAC Belfast (themaclive.com)

How do I secure my place? Complete the form below by 12noon on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

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