PCC launches ‘Positive Passporting’ initiative to support health and social care users

24th April 2023

Caption: Patient and Client Council Interim Chair Stephen Matthews and Vivian McConvey, join new Chief Executive Meadhbha Monaghan and Peter May, Permanent Secretary, Department of Health alongside Maria McIlgorm, Chief Nursing Officer, at the launch of PCC’s ‘Positive Passporting’ initiative to support health and social care users. Over 80 people attended the event at the Grand Opera House in Belfast.


The Patient and Client Council has launched a new initiative focused on providing the public with an early resolution process to health and social care issues and building connections between services to better meet people’s needs. The body which supports the public in health and social care has developed the solution focussed initiative using relationships with partner organisations to secure the right help at the right time from the right place, as part of its Patient and Client Council Connect work.

A group of over 80 guests attended the launch of the initiative which coincided with the organisation sharing its strategic intent and direction to 2025. Guests heard from Peter May, Permanent Secretary for Department of Health, outgoing Chief Executive, Vivian McConvey, and newly appointed Chief Executive, Meadhbha Monaghan.

Speaking about the Connect initiative and the strategy to 2025, Patient and Client Council Chief Executive, Meadhbha Monaghan, said; “Through a process of review since 2020, the Patient and Client Council has opened up many conversations with the public, with our partners in the voluntary and community sector and with decision-makers across health and social care. Taking this and our own work into account, we have identified a number of key areas for delivery, including the development of our services to Connect, Support, Engage and create Impact. The ‘Positive Passporting’ initiative which we are launching today is a foundation of these four strands and focuses on connecting; placing the user at the centre of the solution and using relationships within our networks to broker better outcomes. It involves establishing an informed connection between services, to ensure the most appropriate response to meet user needs, rather than simply redirecting or signposting to another service. The aim is to minimise the likelihood of people falling through gaps in services or experiencing a ‘revolving door’ when seeking support to address issues.”

The ‘Positive Passporting’ concept is anchored within the Patient and Client Council service standards of mediation, partnership, co-production and relationship-based approach to working in partnership with other agencies to ensure all users at point of contact with the Council, have an avenue of advocacy and support which the organisation will positively connect the individual to. Through PCC Connect a ‘network of networks’ approach is being rolled out with partners including NICCY, the Children’s Law Centre, the Homeless Prevention Forum, Migrant Help, Carers NI, British Deaf Association, Information Commissioners Office and the Public Services Ombudsman.

“We believe the most effective way to amplify the voice of the public across the breadth and complexity of health and social care services, is to develop a network of networks consisting of individuals with lived experience and partner organisations. Through this network, the hope is that diversity of experience, expertise and collective voice can be maximised, provide strong evidence-based engagement, drive collective action and ultimately improve outcomes for people.”, Meadhbha concluded.

Welcoming the Connect initiative, Department of Health Permanent Secretary, Peter May addressed attendees at the event. He said: “Both the Department of Health and I fully support partnership working which needs to be a central part of the work to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for service users. I commend the work PCC is doing in relation to Positive Passporting. Sharing knowledge, skills and learning with partner organisations across the HSC and the community and voluntary sector to try to improve services and outcomes for the public, is something we should all strive for.”


For more information, or if  you have any questions about Positive Passporting please contact Linda Doherty Riley on linda.dohertyriley@pcc-ni.net or 028 9536 0791