PCC publishes Statement of Strategic Intent (2022-2025)

28th September 2022

The PCC has published their Statement of Strategic Intent (2022-2025) along with a summary document outlining feedback from a public consultation.

Statement of Strategic Intent 2022 2025

Statement of Strategic Intent 2022 2025 Summary Document

As the Health and Social Care system in Northern Ireland is going through major change and reform, the PCC want to make sure that our focus remains on listening to and acting on the voices of patients and service users.  We want to use our resources in the best way possible and to do this, we need to make sure our vision reflects this.

The Statement of Strategic Intent is an important document that describes what we want to see for people in the future, our purpose and role in achieving that, our values and ways of working and the difference that we want to make to Health and Social Care Services in Northern Ireland.

Our vision is for a Health and Social Care Service, actively shaped by the needs and experience of patients, clients, carers and communities, to enable them to live the best lives they can.

In a recent public consultation we asked 100 people what they thought of the PCC vision for Health and Social Care Services and almost everyone (99%) said that they agreed. A summary document of the survey respondents’ comments has been published alongside the PCC Statement of Strategic Intent.

We have listened to your feedback and we will continue to prioritise the voices of patients and carers by connecting them to decision makers to make sure that they are part of the discussion.