PCC Quality Report 2020-2022

9th November 2022

To celebrate World Quality Week 2022 (7-11 November) we have launched the PCC Quality Report 2020-2022.

This report sets out delivery against key commitments under Quality 2020, improving quality within the PCC and across the Health and Social Care (HSC) sector. As an integral part of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, the Patient and Client Council is committed to Quality 2020.

Since 2019, the PCC has undertaken significant work to transform the organisation and refocus our activities against our statutory role and functions.

As the final year of the PCC Corporate Plan 2017-21 was reached, we undertook a significant review of our practice model (‘how we work’) in late 2020, developing this throughout 2021-22.

You can find information about our key developments in more detail in the report.

PCC Quality Report 2020 2022