PCC Seeks ‘Lived Experience’ of Mental Health Issues to Help Shape Future Services

21st June 2021

The Patient and Client Council are setting up a structured ‘Engagement Platform for Mental Health’ and are seeking the involvement and perspectives of people with lived experience of mental ill health and also the views of their families and carers. Once in place, participants will be able to communicate their experiences and thoughts with the PCC, as well as being able to share their views directly with decision-makers in health and social care.

Suzanne Collins, Project Co-ordinator said,

“The role of lived experience cannot be overstated.  We have already seen how stakeholder engagement has been core to informing decisions in relation to mental health and has been incorporated within the Mental Health Action Plan to date. PCC are keen to enhance user experience across all elements of mental health, integrating and embedding service users into involvement infrastructures through our engagement platform”.

Suzanne added, “This is an exciting opportunity to frame conversation around experiences of mental health services and influence how services develop regionally, within the overarching structures of mental health and more complex areas of focus”.

She continued, “If you’re interested in taking part, you’ll need to be willing and available to attend engagement sessions, workshops and training sessions and engage with some background information.  We will make sure that participants have all the support they need to take an active part in the discussions”.

The themes for discussion will emerge in line with developing areas of work within mental health across the region as a whole. This will include, for example, dual diagnosis (a mental illness alongside issues of substance misuse), Eating Disorders, promotion and early intervention in terms of mental health, Personality Disorders and also the development of a single, regional mental health service.

Vivian McConvey, Chief Executive of PCC said “Involvement and engagement are at the heart of what we do. I am delighted that we are developing platforms for those impacted by mental health in order to have their voices heard and to have an opportunity to get involved with the future of mental health services for Northern Ireland”.

Interested applicants can find out more by clicking HERE


For further information contact Jackie.Kelly@pcc-ni.net