Quality Improvement In Health And Social Care

12th April 2018

Quality Improvement In Health And Social Care

Quality Improvement’ or ‘QI’ can seem like just another piece of jargon, but for Gill Smith, Innovation and Quality Improvement Lead, Northern Health & Social Care Trust it’s an exciting movement happening in our Health service. An important part of improving health care is about sharing good practice – so if someone is Derry/Londonderry has changed how they do things for the better, then people in Belfast or Craigavon should be able to hear about it, so they can decide if they could make a similar change. Until now sharing that good practice has been problematic. The launch of a new website hopes to change that.  Gill explains what it is, and what’s happening so far.

Pictured at the launch of website launch are the HSCQI team.

“The world doesn’t stand still, and there are so many opportunities to do things better. In the past few years there has been a real drive on improving quality in our Health and Social Care services. Sharing good practice, developing new ideas and learning from each other, all helps to make our Health and Social Care services better for patients, services users and staff.

Evidence shows that the most effective quality improvements are those that are undertaken in partnership with service providers and service users/carers.  Over the past 18 months service users and staff have been working together to come up with something to help people understand, and get involved in Quality Improvement.

On 28th March, a new website was launched, containing information and support to help people get involved in Quality Improvement. It’s a place where people can access resources to get projects and innovations started, somewhere ideas can be shared and a place where good examples can be discussed!

Its early days, but you can keep track of our progress by visiting our website and follow us on social media. We are currently developing online training, as well working on an idea discussion forum.”