Staff Attitude And Poor Communication Are Still Top Issues In HSC Complaints

14th December 2018

Staff Attitude And Poor Communication Are Still Top Issues In HSC Complaints

Today the Patient and Client Council (PCC) is launching its sixth Annual Complaints Report.  Established to represent the voice of the public within the Health and Social Care (HSC) system, the PCC also provides support and guidance to those wishing to make a complaint about a Health and Social Care service.  Summarising the complaints that the organisation has supported people to make over the last 12 months, their latest report shows that staff attitude and poor communication still make up a significant proportion of the nature of complaints.

Commenting on this, Complaints Services Manager for the PCC, Richard Dixon said: “Staff attitude and poor communication have consistently been top issues for HSC complaints in previous years.  We know that Health and Social Care Trusts are aware of this and are actively taking steps to reduce these types of complaint.  Nevertheless these remain recurrent issues and we will continue to engage positively with Trusts in support of their initiatives in this area.”

Complaints and concerns reported to the PCC have risen by more than a fifth since last year, with the top five most complained about specialties being: GP services, Mental Health, Family and Childcare services, Orthopaedics and Residential and Nursing Homes.

Speaking about the Complaints Support Service, Richard Dixon continued: “Figures released by the Department of Health show an overall decline in complaints to HSC services in recent years.  By contrast, the number of people seeking assistance from the Patient and Client Council has risen.  This indicates to me that our services are increasingly being sought after by individuals who recognise the beneficial advice, support and guidance that we can provide.”

Richard added: “We are committed to promoting learning from complaints to the wider HSC system and we maintain a constructive dialogue between our Complaints Support Service and each of the HSC Trusts to enable this.”

A copy of the Annual Complaints Report is available here.

If you have a concern or complaint about any aspect of Health and Social Care you can contact the PCC’s Helpline on 0800 917 0222 for free, confidential advice and support.