PCC Statement of Strategic Intent 2022 – 2025: Consultation

15th November 2021

The Patient and Client Council are undertaking a review of our delivery and have created a new draft Statement of Strategic Intent to reflect our work in ensuring that the ‘voice of patients, clients, carers and communities is valued, heard and acted upon’ in the development of policy on, and provision of, Health and Social Care services. This statutory role gives the organisation a unique place within the Health and Social Care sector in Northern Ireland and one which we take very seriously.

At this time of major change and pressure across the Health and Social Care system as a whole, it is vital we maintain our focus on listening to, and acting on the voices of, patients and service users; ensuring that resources are deployed to the best effect possible.

We have undertaken the creation of this draft document working with a sample of our membership and other stakeholders, and we are now sharing this with you, and wider stakeholders in health and social care. We want as many views and thoughts as possible as we take this document to a finalised version in spring 2022. We would value your input in reviewing this document and reflecting on our ambition, and on the proposed journey ahead. We hope this best reflects and positions what we do and the people we are here to support and advocate for. We thank you for your feedback.

Survey is live from Monday 15 November 2021 and will close on 6 March 2022.

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The PCC Statement of Strategic Intent 2022-2025 Consultation Document

Alternative versions and translations in other languages are available to download below:

For any questions on this consultation, please contact Ann-Marie Doone, Involvement Officer, on 028 9536 8093