Supporting World Patient Safety Day – Engaging Patients for Patient Safety

15th September 2023

The Patient and Client Council (PCC) is celebrating the World Health Organisations’ (WHO) World Patient Safety Day, 17 September 2023, by pledging to amplify the collective voice of patients for safer care.

“Engaging patients for patient safety” is this years’ chosen theme by the WHO in recognition of the crucial role patients, families and caregivers play in the safety of health care.

Ruth Sutherland, Chairperson of the PCC said:

“Our vision is for a health and social care service that is actively shaped by the needs and experiences of patients, carers and communities. We therefore wholeheartedly support the theme for this year’s World Patient Safety Day and pledge to amplify the collective voice of patients for safer care.

“Patients and carers are experts by experience in the care they or their loved ones receive. They can provide vital information to policy makers and clinicians about how to improve services which will enhance outcomes for patients and patient safety.

“It is unquestionable that health and social care services are under extreme pressure and things need to improve considerably; these pressures are clearly impacting on patient safety. Decision makers and clinicians could recognise patients and service users as assets, which through a co-production approach, could help shape new services and improve existing ones.  Engaging patients and clients more in the future development of HSC services could support the vital transformation we need.

“The WHO is right that when patients are treated as partners in their care, significant gains are made in safety, patient satisfaction and health outcomes, and by becoming active members of the health care team, patients can contribute to the safety of their care and that of the health care system as a whole”.

PCC Chief Executive, Meadhbha Monaghan added:

“The Patient and Client Council is an independent and influential voice that seeks to connect people to Health and Social Care services so they can effectively influence these services.

“We would appeal to the public; if you have a concern or issue about health or social care, or would like to get involved to make your voice heard, the Patient and Client Council would like to hear from you.

“If you would like to find out more about the work of the Patient and Client Council and to learn more about how you can get involved, please visit our website or Freephone 0800 917 0222”.