Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Visiting Care Homes

17th February 2022

‘Visiting With Care – A Pathway’ was developed by the Public Health Agency, working with representatives from the statutory sector, representatives from various relatives’ groups and independent healthcare providers.  It sets out an agreed new approach to supporting safe and proportionate increased visiting in care homes. This includes updated arrangements for the safe management of care home residents receiving visitors, as well as residents being able to visit other households, community facilities and take part in excursions.

Following the completion of the latest formal evidence review, it was agreed that we should move to the “Further Easing” phase of the Pathway. The next scheduled formal evidence review will be undertaken in early March.

Visiting with Care – A Pathway (effective 17-02-22

For more information: COVID-19: Visiting in Care Settings in Northern Ireland | Department of Health (health-ni.gov.uk)