Communication of Waiting Times

21st October 2022

The Department of Health’s Waiting List Management Unit recognises that it is important to give patients and GPs information about outpatient waiting times initially.

It is developing a platform which will allow patients and GPs to see and understand average waiting times for outpatients initially.

This means those who come into the hospital for a short appointment – this may be a consultation with a specialist, a test or a scan. There is no need to stay at the hospital overnight.

Patients and their GPs will be able to see what the waiting time is by the type of specialty on the platform.

Other waiting time information for example, those which involve a procedure but do not require a hospital stay (day cases) or those which require a hospital stay for one or more nights (inpatient) will be available at the next phase of the programme.

The platform will also be developed to include information and guidance to on what to do before an operation or what to expect on the day of a procedure.

The Department of Health’s Waiting List Management Unit wish to engage and consult with service users through a virtual focus group, facilitated by PCC, to gain their views, feedback and opinions on the proposed communication of waits initiative and platform in the following areas:

  • Rational for publication.
  • The platform on which this information will be communicated.
  • Ease of Access, user experience and overall benefits.
  • Suggestions/recommendations on any improvements.
  • Feedback on overall process

During the focus group you will be asked to:

  • Review the platform presented
  • Give feedback on the information on waiting time by trust, speciality, priority etc.
  • Give any comments and or suggestion on the platform and the information

The virtual focus group will take place on Thursday 3rd November at 10am via Zoom. Spaces are limited. Please complete the form below to secure your space.

Should you have any queries, please email