We Want To Hear From You

31st March 2021
Moving towards Normalised Visiting in Care Homes in Northern Ireland



As we continue to deal with the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic in NI and make progress with vaccination it is recognised that there is a need to continually review visiting in Care Homes, balancing both risk and the need for families to spend quality time together.

We want to hear what matters to you in relation to moving towards normalised visiting in and out of the Care Home – we want to know what is important to you and what concerns you may have.

This survey is designed for residents, relatives, staff and Care Home providers to share their thoughts on moving toward normalised visiting gin and out of the Care Home.

You can access the survey:

This is important work to support residents, relatives and Care Homes to share their views on visiting. We would encourage Care Home managers and families to support residents to be part of this project.

Do not hesitate to contact the team supporting this project to facilitate any of the above options If you have any queries or requests call 02895 361658.

The printed versions of the survey are to be submitted by 7th April 2021. If you have no stamped addressed envelope, return to: Freeport, Patient and Client Council. The online link will close 9th April 2021.