Leadership Team

Meet the Patient and Client Council’s Leadership Team



Name & Position

Contact Details

Vivian McConvey

Chief Executive (2019 – Present day)

Contact: Carol Collins, Business Support Manager

Tel:028 9536 3995
Email: carol.collins@pcc-ni.net

Meadhbha Monaghan

Head of Operations

Email: Meadhbha.Monaghan@pcc-ni.net


Ruth Barry

Senior Policy Impact and Influence Manager

Tel: 028 9536 0362

Email: ruth.barry@pcc-ni.net

Anna O’Brien

Communications and Public Affairs Manager

 On Maternity Leave – Contact Ruth Barry

Carol Collins

Business Support Manager

Tel: 028 9536 3995

Email: carol.collins@pcc-ni.net

Deidre McGrenaghan

Senior Practitioner (SAIs & Independent Advocacy)

Tel: 028 9536 1581

Email: deirdre.mcgrenaghan@pcc-ni.net

Denise Kelly

Service Manager Advocacy And Engagement

Tel: 028 9536 3998

Email: denise.kelly@pcc-ni.net

Gerry Crossan

Finance Business Support Manager

Tel: 028 9536 0794

Email: Gerry.Crossan@pcc-ni.net

Johny Turnbull

Involvement Services Programme Manager

Tel: 028 9536 3990

Email: johny.turnbull@pcc-ni.net

Katherine McElroy

Service Manager Advocacy and Support

Adult Safeguarding Champion

Tel: 028 9536 0810

Email: katherine.mcelroy@pcc-ni.net



Senior members of Staff / Council Members had no significant interests, which would conflict with their management responsibilities to report for 2021/22.