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FREEPHONE: 0800 917 0222

Chief comments on the statement from the Chairs of NI’s six Health and Social Care Trusts, published 3 June 2024

Commenting on the statement from the Chairs of NI’s six Health and Social Care Trusts published on Monday 3 June 2024

“The Patient Client Council (PCC) acknowledges the statement from the HSC Trust Chairs and notes its stark and sobering message regarding the potential impact current budgetary pressures will have on HSC services and patients.

“Worry about cancellations, delays in treatment or potential changes to care packages will be extremely stressful and have an impact upon people’s mental wellbeing, as well as their physical health. This needs to be considered when members of the public are being communicated with. Whilst we recognise it is extremely difficult under the current circumstances, planning must be focused on maintaining the safety and dignity of patients. If people’s care is going to change or there will be reductions in outpatient care, they and their families need to be told at the earliest opportunity and supported through any change.

“It is critical that we stay in conversation with the public as the potential impact of these budgetary pressures unfold. At PCC we believe the public are assets in the care they and their loved ones receive. Listening to the public and understanding their experiences will be vital to making sure safety and dignity is maintained. We will be engaging with the public to understand the impact that the potential budgetary pressures will have for them, to ensure their voice continues to be heard by decision makers during this challenging time.

“We will continue to work across the HSC system to look at how we can fulfil our role in keeping patients informed of potential changes to services and care going forward, and how they can be supported.

“Our helpline, which provides advice and information to the public, is available Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm (or our email and online contact form is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.) We encourage anyone that has concern about health or social care to get in touch.” – Meadhbha Monaghan, PCC Chief Executive

The statement from the Chairs of Health and Social Care Trusts, can be found here:

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